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Fill Sand Class II – Utility sand, coarse, not washed, commonly used underneath paving stones.

Washed Sand – Washed sand has a number of very specific applications, including as a mortar mix for bricks and stonework, for man-made beaches or improvement of already existing beaches, for volleyball courts, landscaping and pool installation, as a spread on ice or snow-covered roads, concrete and mortar mixing, among other uses.

Mortar Sand – Used to place between pavers to create a decorative patio.

Play Sand – Used for sandboxes and children’s play areas. While most other sands contain silica, Play Sand is silica-free making it safe for children.


Unscreened Top Soil – Exactly what it sounds like. Top soil that has not been screened. Meaning large pieces of stone and sticks will be in this material.

Screened Top – Unscreened top soil is ran thru a screener removing all large debris from the soil leaving only rich top soil

Compost – Decayed organic material used as a plant fertilizer. It’s a good idea to top dress around vegetables, plants, trees and shrubs at any stage of its life.

Compost Enhanced – Our screened topsoil with compost blended in. Great for flowers, trees and vegetables.

One cubic yard of soil covers 100 square feet at a 2 inch depth.

Delivery Prices

$35 for 0 – 5 Miles from Crossroads Retail Center

$45 for 5.1 – 10 Miles from Crossroads Retail Center

$55 for 10.1 – 15 Miles from Crossroads Retail Center

$65 for 15.1 – 20 Miles from Crossroads Retail Center

$65 Base fee plus $1.25 a mile added beyond 20 Miles from Crossroads Retail Center

Homeowners buy 10 yards of the same product in one delivery and receive $10 off your delivery fee.

Delivery Policy

Our trucks are prohibited from driving on undeveloped or unimproved surfaces, over curbs or on sidewalks. This is to prevent damage of property for both client and business. If the customer does request and directs any truck or trailer owned by Crossroads Property Services to dump in a location other than paved or aggregate covered surface, the client must sign a waiver stating Crossroads Property Services is not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that could occur from the truck, trailer, or delivery of material before the dump can be made. If a delivery driver has proper signatures and has been instructed to dump in a location that has not been deemed an improved surface and becomes stuck. The client will be held responsible for the full cost of the tow and a charge of $65 per hour from the time the truck got stuck until the truck is removed from the site.

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