Do you deliver?2019-03-12T21:30:47-04:00

Yes, for an additional fee we can deliver to your home or business.

What is the minimum amount of material you will deliver?2019-03-11T20:07:23-04:00

1 yard

How far in advance should I schedule a delivery?2019-03-11T20:08:35-04:00

We can do next day and same day deliveries depending on our schedule. Spring and early summer is a very busy time for us. To ensure you get the materials when you need them, please order a few days to a week in advance. Please call earlier to schedule deliveries during the months of April, May, and June.

Do you offer free delivery?2023-04-17T16:29:22-04:00

We do not offer free delivery. Our delivery rates start at $45 and go up depending on how far we need to travel. If you want to avoid the delivery fee, you are more than welcome to stop in and pick up the materials with your own truck or trailer.

I need more than one product. Can I get both in one delivery?2019-03-11T20:09:59-04:00

At this time, we can only deliver one type of material per delivery. More than one product requires multiple deliveries.

Rain is in the forecast. Should I wait to buy my mulch?2019-03-11T20:11:14-04:00

Rain does affect the color of your dyed mulch/chips. If it looks like rain, consider waiting. The dye can leach color from your mulch and stain your driveway. The dye will come up with soap/water and a good bristle brush. Crossroads Property Services is not responsible for washed out bark or dying of your driveway. We recommend using a tarp when using dyed products and for all products to make clean up easier.

I will not be home when you deliver. How does your driver know where to dump the material?2019-03-11T20:12:08-04:00

When placing your order our friendly and knowledgeable staff will ask you some questions to ensure you are getting the correct material, proper amount of material (based on sq. feet given by client) and that it is being dumped in the correct location. A tarp laid out helps mark the spot.

How much can my truck or trailer haul?2019-03-11T20:14:50-04:00

All truck makes and models can hold different volumes of material. Although there is no exact weight or volume a truck can carry this has been a noted industry standard.

  • Full-size pick-up with 8’ box a heaping mulch load is 3 cubic yards. 2 yards fit nicely in the truck.
  • Small size pick-up heaping mulch load is 1 ½ cubic yards.
  • Typically, a full-size truck can take ½ – 1 cubic yard stone or soil.
  • Typically, a small pickup truck can take ⅓ – ½ cubic yard stone or soil.
  • Soil weighs about 2,000 – 2,200 lbs per cubic yard. – Based on dry soil
  • Mulch weighs 400-750 lbs per cubic yard. The weight on mulch depends on the type of mulch and if it’s wet or not.
  • Natural Stone & Aggregates 2,500 3,000 lbs per cubic yard.
  • Sand weighs between 2,500 – 2,800 lbs per cubic yard.
I have a lot of power lines and trees by my house. Can you deliver?2021-04-06T15:30:34-04:00

In order to drop material from a truck a minimum clearance of 20’ is necessary to stay safe from power lines, tree branches and/or any other overhead obstacles. The delivery driver has to right to refuse any delivery he/she deems to be unsafe for the operator, equipment and/or the property. If the driver deems the first site unsafe, the driver will assess the property to see if there is a better location for the dump. In the unfortunate event our driver couldn’t safely deliver your materials you will be charged a delivery fee based on our delivery fee scale. Other arrangements for the dump location and product delivery will need to be made by Crossroads Property Services. *Future delivery charges will apply.

Delivery Policy

Our trucks are prohibited from driving on undeveloped or unimproved surfaces, over curbs or on sidewalks. This is to prevent damage of property for both client and business. If the customer does request and directs any truck or trailer owned by Crossroads Property Services to dump in a location other than paved or aggregate covered surface, the client must sign a waiver stating Crossroads Property Services is not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that could occur from the truck, trailer, or delivery of material before the dump can be made. If a delivery driver has proper signatures and has been instructed to dump in a location that has not been deemed an improved surface and becomes stuck. The client will be held responsible for the full cost of the tow and a charge of $65 per hour from the time the truck got stuck until the truck is removed from the site.

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